Woody Guthrie’s Wonder Wheel Tour


The Klezmatics
Woody Guthrie’s Wonder Wheel Tour
With Special Guests Susan McKeown & Boo Reiners*

(Please confirm billing with advancement, to insure that McKeown and/or Reiners are performing.)


In “Woody Guthrie’s Wonder Wheel Tour,” the Klezmatics vibrantly bring Woody’s lyrics to life, filling them with Eastern European, klezmer, Latin, Celtic, Afro-Caribbean and folk flavors. A lively musical dialogue about social justice, peace, and the spiritual power of music to unite, bind to a cause, and transcend any borders, musical or otherwise. Wonder Wheel is an intense combination of the familiar and the exotic, with Coney Island-wrought lyrics adding a less-known urban dimension to a man seen as the avatar of dust- bowl ballads. Featuring acclaimed Celtic vocalist Susan McKeown and multi-instrumentalist. Sung in English.